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Insulin is a strong allergen (Lasix) - a minimal amount of it in the form of traces is enough to cause a reaction in the body. Moreover, with the introduction of different amounts of this drug, the severity of tissue disorders can be the same.

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Tissue disorders caused by neurotransmitters will be as follows: increased permeability of the vascular wall; the release of fluid into the tissues - manifested by their swelling; irritation of nerve endings - manifested by itching; mucus production - manifested by discharge from the nose. Symptoms of an allergy to insulin.

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In the first case, tissue changes require no more than 5-8 hours (and sometimes 30 minutes). If allergic manifestations occur after 12-24 hours, then this is a delayed-type reaction. Theoretically, both local and general signs of insulin allergy can occur. The latter appear quite rarely, the development of such symptoms indicates an extremely pronounced allergic reaction of the body to insulin.

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Local symptoms of the described pathology appear at the site of injection of this drug into the tissue. These are signs such as: redness; pain sensations; feeling of heat; seal; blisters; sometimes - a tingling sensation; rarely - the appearance of papules (plaques in the form of elevation above the skin). Redness in the described pathology develops around the site of Furosemide injection in the form of spots of various shapes, sizes and color saturation (from pale pink to red). Itching with an allergy to insulin can be of varying severity - from subtle to pronounced, unbearable, because of which the patient does not stop itching at the injection site, irritating the nerve endings and further exacerbating the discomfort. Often, itchy sensations spread to areas of the skin that are adjacent to the site of insulin injection.

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With a local form of allergy to insulin, there are no full-fledged pains as such - most likely, pain on the verge of discomfort appears. Compaction at the injection site of Lasix drug occurs due to infiltration (impregnation) of tissues with immune complexes, as well as if the drug was injected at any location that is not provided for by the instructions for administering insulin.

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The blisters that appear with a local form of allergy to insulin also itch. The patient, combing the blisters, destroys their wall, the liquid content flows out, infection of the wound may occur. The papule, which appears at the injection site of insulin, is a compacted plaque protruding above the skin. It can last from 5-6 hours to 2-3 days, after which it disappears without a trace. Clinical symptoms of a local form of allergy to insulin manifest themselves in the form of reactions: In the first case, local disorders can develop within 30 minutes after furosemide pills insulin administration. But they disappear just as quickly as they appeared.

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A generalized form of an allergy to insulin is rare compared to a local one - in about two out of one thousand patients who have been diagnosed with an allergy to this drug. But in comparison with the same forms with other types of allergies (food, drug, and so on), it can be more pronounced. Its manifestations are: urticaria - the appearance of blisters on the skin of the type that appear when the skin interacts with nettles; Quincke's edema is an acute Lasix disorder in which there is a pronounced swelling of the skin, subcutaneous fat, and mucous membranes. Other names for the condition are angioedema, giant urticaria; bronchospasm is a sharp contraction of muscle fibers in the wall of the bronchi, which leads to a decrease in their lumen and, as a result, the development of suffocation (a feeling of lack of air).